Monday, September 08, 2008

Pulling the plug...

on my email lists - yes, feel free to call me an ostrich. I am sticking my head in the sand, and I'm damned proud of it!

The constant stream of crises in my in-box demanding my attention and my signature on the latest petition to save (insert cause here) has become more than I can bear. I still care passionately about the health of our planet and human rights, and will do what I can to help in my own ways, but the chronic bad news weighs heavily on my mind and sucks the joy out of my daily life.

I realized that I need to focus on what's right in front of me right now: my sweet man, our wonderful kids, Ivy, the best dog in the world, and my lovely garden. In order to be the loving, kind, and nurturing person I desire to be for my family, I have to let go of trying to save the rest of the world, at least for the time being. help me kick the rest of the negativity, I'm taking walks, working in my garden, listening to Dakshina by Deva Premal (, and drinking copious amounts of chamomile tea.

Here's a picture of Ivy the wonder dog, guaranteed to brighten your day:

Wishing you peace and serenity,

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