Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Foodies Unite!

coconut-kaffir lime-infused sea salt from Buck's Fifth Avenue

Anyone who knows me well knows I love good food and I love to cook. With two family members allergic to wheat and corn, I cook a lot of Asian dishes: Japanese, Thai, Indian, you name it - anything with a rice-based cuisine is a no-brainer - I don't have to figure out substitutions or omit ingredients. Additionally, we don't get to use convenience foods - like salad dressing mixes, seasoning blends, pre-fab meals in a box, you name it. Yeah, it's a healthier lifestyle, but sometimes it can be a lot of work.

That's where Buck's 5th Avenue comes in. Located in downtown Olympia, WA, Buck's carries an incredible variety of herbs, spices, and other culinary delicacies.

We're particularly hooked on the black truffle oil - for about $12, you get a tiny (1.86 oz or so) bottle that seems to last forever, because you only need a few drops to make a salad dressing or a soup really pop. We got my parents a bottle of the black truffle oil and one of the white truffle oil for Christmas this past year. Buck's also carries a porcini oil too. (And powdered porcini mushrooms.)

Buck's also carries a huge variety of peppercorns, different types of salt, and some wonderful seasoning blends; in particular we really like the Indian blends, such as tandoori (I sprinkle this on oiled chicken strips and bake for yummy yummy chicken strips - also, it makes an incredible chicken salad sandwich, when you mush up the tandoori chicken strips with mayonnaise), chana, and masala. Too, they have a great bruschetta mix that is as yummy in pasta as it is on (gluten-free for us) bread. Anne Buck, the owner is a delight, and you don't have to be a Puget Sound local to benefit from the world of spices in this tiny store - just order what you like from their website!

Yours for tastier food,

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kim m-w said...

I'm lucky to have you as a personal friend and actually eat some of the food you cook, your the best!

By the way, my kid bought a big bag of dried assortment of mushrooms at the Chinese market. Can I just use those in the mushroom soup?