Thursday, September 04, 2008

I love my spoons!

OK, I've got my FlyLady timer ( set for 10 minutes and I'm blogging away...

Thought for today's entry, I should tell you about my wooden kitchen spoons from Johnathan's Wild Cherry Spoons. ( Yes, I know, it's pretty exciting, huh? These are *not* the straight funky wooden spoons that give you splinters however...these are individually hand-crafted of cherry wood, sculpted lovingly to fit the human hand. Bottom line? They are as delightful to use as they are to look at, and with correct care, they'll last a lifetime.

Here's a link to the spoons I received at Christmas-time last year:

This is the medium salad set, but I use mine for everything - stirring up stiff cookie batter, stirring soups and stews, and yes, I do use them for salad once in a while.

It helps them survive better if you wash them by hand and treat them with oil once in a while, preferably virgin coconut oil...

Peace and love,

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