Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Living the Creative Life, by Rice Freeman-Zachery

Rice, thank you for sharing your heart and vision with the rest of us!

Reading your book, Living the Creative Life, was a huge affirmation for me as an artist - I'm in awe of the way you put it together, and how you incorporated the quotes and wisdom from the various artists. I no longer feel like an alien stuck on this planet, I realize now that other artists go through all the weird mental stuff that I do (OK, well, maybe not all the weird mental stuff, LOL.)

I'm in a transition phase right now, relying less on my freelance writing to sustain my business, and working to incorporate my art, teaching, and books into "what I do." Like any transition, it's a scary time and place for me, filled with fear and self-doubts, and yes, even the (shudder) completely filled-out (in a moment of weakness) application for employment.

I'm working on things, yes I am. Jerry and I made an ungodly amount of soap (which needs to be posted in my etsy shop), my writing partner Peg Krzyzewski and I sent out a number of proposals and queries for our book, I've written and submitted two articles for The Flow, and since my torch just got hooked back up, I'm melting glass again. (deep sigh of relief)

I believe in what I'm doing, and I believe this is what I'm supposed to be doing, but it takes a while for these efforts to bear fruit and faith can waver a bit. This is where Rice's book came in, to bolster my courage and refine my focus, and affirm that yes, I am an artist, and fully capable (with a lot of Divine intervention, thankyouverymuch) of succeeding beyond my wildest dreams.

My suggestion to other creative sorts, whether or not you plan to pursue your creativity full-time, is to bless yourself with a copy of Living the Creative Life at your earliest opportunity.

P.S. Peg & I heard from a publisher earlier this week who's presenting our proposal to her acquisition committee...yippee! ...oh yeah, and that completed job application? It's still on my art table, being studiously ignored by me.


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