Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little crazy, but fun!

I finally did something today that I've been meaning to do for oh, say, a couple years...and boy do I feel great about it! I can't believe it took me THIS long to do this, especially given how much it makes me smile and feel good inside. Yes, I finally stopped and bought myself a bunch of flowers for...get this...TWO DOLLARS! A lady who lives around the corner from our home has a little stand with a sign that reads "Mary's Bloomers, fresh flowers Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday." Another sign reads "bokays for $2."

I couldn't begin to tell you why I've never stopped before, but when I was driving past this morning, after dropping Thing One and Thing Two off at school, because they BOTH dawdled this morning and missed the bus, I saw Mary herself out by the road, arranging bouquets for her stand. I realized that even if I did only have $3 cash in my wallet, spending 2/3 of it on flowers was well worth the money. Mary, a very sweet lady, and I chatted a bit while she finished arranging the flowers. I told her $2 for her beautiful flowers was an amazing bargain, and she said "it's a little bit crazy, but it's fun...kind of like life!" I couldn't agree more, Mary, I couldn't agree more. Thank you Mary, for sharing your lovely garden with me! I think I'll be stopping by a little more often.


Ricë said...

oh, this is fabulous--i LOVE mary! please buy more flowers from her, as often as possible (i quit carrying cash when i realized that, if i don't have any, i don't have to decide what to do when people come up and ask for money). but i'd carry $2 in a hidden place just for mary's flowers.

and thank you for the review, too--i'm so glad you've found the book useful!

Peg said...

Chris, a lovely old proverb seems apt: "If you have only one loaf of bread, sell half, and spend the money on hyacinths for your soul."