Monday, April 18, 2011

Fukushima links

I've been following the Fukushima tragedy and have accumulated a number of GREAT sources of information - here goes:

FireDogLake - hands down, THE BEST coverage and analysis...Scarecrow & Lobster have been posting great stuff, as has the rest of the crew:

Union of Concerned Scientists:

UCS powerpoint slideshow of what happened at Fukushima:

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen has been posting brief videos w/his analysis, which explain things in plain English:

An interview w/Gundersen, published Friday, 4.15.11:

Low Level Radiation Campaign (they study the health effects of ionizing radiation):

Two Japanese journalists take a drive into the evacuation zone (radiation dosimeters are on the dash)

Nuclear Information & Resource Service has coverage here:

and protective measures from radioactivity here:

Real-time volunteer monitoring of radiation in US:

And another radiation monitoring map:

Bellona is an international environmental NGO:

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