Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3G coverage on my couch

I never imagined all three of these rather large hounds on the couch together, but as you can see, they can make themselves compact when they want to snuggle. 3G coverage indeed!

We are so blessed to share our lives with Ivy (the hot blonde in the middle, 7.5 y.o.), Sam (the handsome black boy on the right, 6 y.o.), and Rufus (the brindle cutie with the tubes on his side, 2.5 y.o.), all retired racing greyhounds.
Princess Ivy, Queen of the House

Ivy has been with us since 2006, and we just adopted Sam and Rufus in February 2010, through Greyhound Pets, Inc.. Rufus and Sam are Ivy's "Boy Toys" or her "Pawsse," whichever is most appropriate for the situation.

Sweet, sweet Sam

We've found greyhounds as a breed to be intelligent, gentle, and a lot of fun to have around. They are not aggressive, nor are they particulary energetic - this breed is affectionately referred to as "the 43-mph couch potato." While they do enjoy a walk in the morning, or maybe a couple of laps around the yard, the rest of the day is spent keeping the softest spots in the house warm.
Rufus the Tall, pre-injury

Rufus has tubes because he found something poky in the yard and got himself a very nasty puncture wound last week as a result. Jerry, Emily, and I have spent hours in the yard (and the house) searching for the culprit, without success. We are not happy about this.
Sunshine, Rufus' sister

GPI has many more very sweet and lovable hounds in need of couches, including Rufus' beautiful and silly sister Sunshine - scroll to the bottom of the page for Sunshine's info.

You can meet these wonderful dogs yourself at one of the many "meet & greets" throughout Washington state and British Columbia. Here's a link to the schedule: http://www.greyhoundpetsinc.org/calendar.html

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Peg said...

Awwww....they are so beautiful! Hi Ivy, Sweetie!