Friday, January 22, 2010

The New Roof: The Final Chapter

I bet you're wondering why I haven't posted any updates on the roof project lately. Well, it's a bit of a story. The roof's done now, thankfully (especially since it's now the rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest), but not without serious blood, sweat, and tears.

As you may recall, Jerry planned to replace the plywood sheets on the eaves of the whole house before installing the new shingles. Whilst doing so at the corner of the house, the ladder he was standing on sank into a mole tunnel. The ladder went one way, and Jerry went the other. He wound up with a compression fracture of his vertebrae (in plain English: a broken back) and a badly sprained ankle. I thank Heaven every day that he was not paralyzed or killed.

This pic shows the uber-attractive rain prevention covering our neighbors David and Mark put down on the roof the day after Jerry fell. Yes, that's Jerry up there, wearing his neon-orange back brace - I took the pic after he'd healed up and was back at work on the roof:

After six weeks of recovery (and a whole lot of painkillers), Jerry was back at it, hustling to finish the roof before the rain began in earnest. My heart went with him every time he went up there. Our very kind neighbors, David, Mark, and Vern assisted, and the roof is now 98% complete. Jerry just needs to put up the fascia and the gutters, then we'll be ready for the county to come out and inspect and sign off on the building permit. (Then we can take the neon green building permit off the front of the house!)

This pic shows Jerry, David, and Vern discussing strategy:

Here's a pic of the finished roof. Pretty, isn't it? (though it's surely not worth a broken back...)

Jerry DEFINITELY earned the "DIY roofer" badge...along with a purple heart for injuries sustained in the line of duty. David, Mark, and Vern also earned "DIY roofer" badges for their generous help with finishing the project. Thanks guys!


Scarlet Weingarten said...

Sounds like hard work, but at least it's done in time. It's too bad for what happened to Jerry though. His efforts won't be in vain though, since a well-constructed roof is worth the time and effort. Good thing you've had your neighbors help you with the construction as well.

Tampa Roofing Contractor

Rodney Orton said...

There's no easy way to install a roof, but I'm sure all those efforts are worth it. Jerry deserves a “DIY Roofer” badge due to great results. How's your roof now? I hope you've maintained your roof properly in the past years. :)

Rodney @ McKinnis Roofing