Friday, January 29, 2010

Charmed, I'm sure!

I just posted three of my latest ArtCharm bracelets on ArtFire - here's a sneak peek to whet your appetite!

Wait--what's an ArtCharm? An ArtCharm is basically a tiny work of art with a jump ring on it for attaching to something - it could be attached to a bracelet, or used as a pendant, or incorporated into home decor. ArtCharms may be made of almost any kind of material, using almost any kind of artistic technique. An ArtCharm is the product of an individual artist or collaborative group, but not something that has been cranked out in a factory. Many contemporary artists are making and swapping ArtCharms.

Peg Krzyzewski and I wrote a book on making your own ArtCharms, entitled Making Mixed Media Charms and Jewelry - it's being published by Kalmbach, and is due out this summer! For more information on the book, check out Kalmbach's page here, or check it out on Amazon here.

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