Monday, November 13, 2006

mid-November musings

Found a message from the Toymaker in my in-box today - always a delight to see what this talented artist is up to. Here's a link to her website where you too, can download cool paper toys and sign up for her newsletter:

Working on charms for Dawn Sellers' swap - they're coming along nicely, but I'm loathing the length requirements - it's cutting down on the dangle-ability of my design...but then again, they *are* charms, so I guess they've gotta be on the smallish side.

Also gearing up for Christmas and all of those winter birthdays - have some soap made, but thinking about making more...

It's very cold here, and has been raining for the last couple of weeks - the garden is looking OK - not much swiss chard left - looks like it got hit pretty hard by the frost, and the summer lettuce is definitely on its way to the compost pile. The kale is doing well, as is the winter lettuce, and the thyme, is, well, thyme. The kids' chives croaked a while back, but they're usually the first thing to return in the spring. Didn't get *any* garlic planted this fall, but I suspect I still have a week or so in which I could get the bulbs in the ground - we are such garlic lovers around here, it's in almost every meal!

Took the kids and the dogs on a walk today, and came back with a campaign sign that someone missed picking up. I'd been threatening to go grab a bunch after the election to alter for yard signs, since the things are darn near least I got one...will post a pic when I get around to altering it.

Jerry finished getting the bookshelves together, and almost all of my art supplies are on the two in my office, and we've got books on the two in the dining room--getting my old favorite books out of boxes makes me feel like we've finally moved in, and it's only been 4-1/2 years! Jerry *also* finished putting the sheetrock up in the laundry room, and he is *this* close to finishing the project. The only stuff left is to mud and tape, texture, and paint (a pale butter yellow). He's planning to paint the concrete floor (a sage green) next summer, so it'll have a fighting chance to cure properly.

OK, I'm off to make dinner - it's a low-fat creamy veggie pasta courtesy of Leanne Ely, the Dinner Diva - check it out at - I've got the vegetarian menu mailer subscription, but she's got a bunch of different menus to choose from, as well as sample menus.


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