Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

It's freezing here in OlyWA (my tomato plants are officially dead), and the trick-or-treating forecast is for numbing cold. I'll be sure to have the hot cocoa ready for my little goblins when they get back tonight. Archer is 4 this year, so it'll be his first really memorable Halloween. He's very excited, and we've already started the candy-trade bargaining...I *did* offer Legos for candy made with wheat and corn, but that was a no-go for him. The Big Guy wants the sugar, no ifs, ands, or buts about it...I'll have to get some extra Mentos and Reeses for trading purposes. Emily is pondering a girlie pirate costume, and Arch is still thinking he wants to be a race-car driver. We'll see what delights Value Village and Goodwill hold in store for us.

I've completed and submitted my Halloween ATC cards for the Altered Art Swap group, as well as my January calendar page. Now, I just need to get going on my Mystery Swap item (still ruminating on this...I think a few beads will be involved at some point) and my Dangly Fairy for those swaps.

I also signed up for two charms swaps, one hosted by Dawn Sellers, and the other by Amber Dawn. I'm in R&D on both of those and experimenting with materials and techniques to see what the final design will be. Since there are a few folks participating in both swaps, I do believe I'll be making different charms for each swap.

Poppy and Victoria came over Sunday, and we did R&D on our wire and bead baskets for our upcoming class - I'm pretty happy with my basket so far, but there are some little dangly beads that I want to put on it, and I can't find them, so my basket is on hiatus until I can rummage through my bead stash again...I'll post a pic when it's done.

OK, I'm off to do my FlyLady routine, and then we're heading into town for costumes and candy.

Cheers and have a great Halloween!

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