Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pay It Forward Fun: Giveaway!

white tulips on lavender focal by c. hansen
It's been AGES since I did a giveaway on my blog, and when I heard of Jenn's fun giveaway, I knew I had to get in on the fun! (Jenn is the creative powerhouse behind Soul's Fire Designs - she creates exquisite jewelry that you MUST go check out when you get a chance.)

Paying it forward means doing something nice for someone else, with no expectation of return - one person does something nice for someone else, who does something nice for someone else, who does something nice for someone else, and so on...(you didn't *really* want me to continue that, did you?)

So here's the deal:
The first three commenters on this post will receive a surprise gift from me within the next 365'll be handmade by me, so you know it's going to be cool, right? It'll be extra cool, because you won't know exactly what it is, or exactly when it'll arrive.

For the first three commenters, I will contact you in the near future (next week, most likely), and request your mailing addy and some ideas of what colors/themes/styles you like.

How to get in on the action:
Leave a comment WITH your email address AND post a Pay It Forward giveaway on YOUR blog too. Easy peasey!

Pay It Forward giveaway rules: Handmade item giveaway for first three commenters, surprise goodies to be sent/received at a surprise time within the next 365 days.

Oh, this is going to be such fun!


pupton said...

I would love to get a surprise from you, but I have no blog. I would pay it forward though if you would let me. I belong to a mixed media art guild and could p-i-f through them. Your choice.

BTW, I love your focal beads with tulips or iris. Beautiful!

pupton58 at gmail dot com

Leslie said...

WooHoo Chris....who wouldn't love a surprise gift from you!!!

Cindy Green said...

I'll go for it! My blog address is It would be fun to spread a little love-n-joy!

Christine Hansen said...

Pat, Leslie, and Cindy - thanks so much for commenting!

Pat - dear heart - yes, do go ahead and pay it forward through your mixed media art guild.

I want more people to play this game, so I'm adding three more winners to this contest - but from here on out, the winners will be chosen randomly from subsequent comments on this post.

Comments (with your email addy) must be posted by midnight PST, September 26, 2012, in order to qualify. I'll select the winners on the 27th.

You don't need to have a blog to play - but you do need to commit to pay it forward to three other lovely souls - maybe via a FaceBook post, or through an online group, or? I'll let YOU figure it out. :)

Barbara said...

Christine, this is just an outstandingly beautiful bead.

karin ward said...

YES I love this and will pay it forward in the unschooling group! or message me on FB.

donnajean said...

Wonderful idea! It is always so much fun to send something to someone for no reason and get the reaction of how much it brightens their day. I love paying it forward! Your Iris bead is exquisite!

Kia Dallons said...

I love your flower beads! Cheers!

Rachel said...

Love the PIF game! I'm in!

Christine Hansen said...

DonnaJean - I can't find an email address for you - could you please get in touch? I'm at chris at christinehansen dot com. Thanks so much!