Friday, February 10, 2012

Movie Review: The Secret

If there is only one movie you watch this year, see The Secret. We watched it as a family, and everyone was fascinated, including my 9 y.o. son.

This powerful life-affirming movie by Rhonda Byrne offers a different perspective of how and why things in our lives happen as they do. Not only that, The Secret offers suggestions and encouragement for viewers wishing to enhance their lives using the principles introduced.

Before I saw The Secret, occasionally (and without realizing what I was doing), I used some of the strategies suggested in the movie...and they worked...almost as if by magic! I know now it wasn't really "magic," but something better: something far more accessible, and something far more reliable.

By the way - the stuff I unwittingly used the strategies on was not at all piddly. It's the big stuff in life: my perfect-for-me mate, our wonderful home, and my incredible health.

I'm thrilled to have discovered The Secret, and I enjoy using it regularly now to deliberately and consciously change my life for the better.

We found The Secret at our local public library - too, our family has enjoyed listening to the audio version of the book, The Secret, which we also found at our library.


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Yeah, um- public confession... This is how I ended up as part of your book! :) I'm glad to hear you guys liked the film!

Christine Hansen said...

SWEET! Oh Amber - how cool is this?!???? Very glad you're in on The Secret! xoxo, c