Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art Charm Challenge No. 3: Lucky Stars

This is one of THE easiest art charms to make – in fact, it’s so easy, it’s a great first art charm for kids to make.

Phase I: Cut, fold, and seal stars
Supplies for Phase I
For the box:
  • strong, flexible decorative paper, such as washi
  • paper slicer or scissors
  • ruler and pencil
  • needle and thread
  • brush and sealer (I use Diamond Glaze)
  1. Slice paper into 3/8” wide (1 cm) strips.
  2. Loosely “tie” overhand knot in paper strip at one end.
  3. Snug up and flatten knot.
  4. Tuck short end of paper into knot.
  5. Fold paper strip over knot, to nearest edge of pentagon, with decorative side out, resulting in a flat pentagon.
  6. Keep folding paper around pentagon until end is reached. Tuck end into knot, trimming if necessary.
  7. Hold two points of star between thumb and index finger, and use nail of opposite thumb to gently dent straight side. Repeat, pushing in all five sides. Star should puff out – pinch the star points to further define the shape.
  8. Use needle and thread to string stars for sealing, with one star point at top of charm, and leaving about a half-inch of space between stars.
  9. Brush two coats of sealer onto all surfaces of star. Let dry.
Phase II: Turn stars into charms
Supplies for Phase II
  For the box:
  • 1 – 2-inch head or eye pin & jump ring for each charm (use eye pin if you want to add fun fibers)
  • 2 - 6° beads for each charm
  • fun fibers to coordinate with paper – 6-inches for each charm
  • bead reamer or needle file
  • pliers, bent chain nose
  • pliers, chain nose
  • pliers, round nose
  1. After sealer dries, remove stars from thread.
  2. Use needle file or bead reamer to enlarge holes if necessary.
  3. Slide onto the head or eye pin a 6° bead, a star, and then another 6° bead.
  4. Make a wrapped loop at the top of the star.
  5. If using eye pins, tie three 2-inch lengths of fun fiber to the bottom loop, securing knots with a drop of sealer.


Darlene said...

Great tutorial! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Christine Hansen said...

Darlene - thank you so much for the kind words!

Running Rabbit said...

hmmm....sounds perfect for an "arty party" I'm thinking!
So fun to see your lair and visit, looking forward to having you visit my place soon.