Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking Good!

Dr. Salloom of Mountain View Veterinary Hospital called yesterday to let me know that Dr. Everett, Rufus' surgeon, had reviewed the x-rays taken last Friday. He says they look good, but he wants Rufus confined for at least another month, with the soft bandage on his leg. Nothing unexpected, and quite honestly, I'm happy to keep this big happy bouncy (!!!) puppy confined for six months if it means his leg will heal better. Of course, confinement in practice is much different from confinement in theory, so we shall see. In the meantime, I'm challenged just to keep up with Rufie when he goes out on potty patrol - this critter moves fast, even WITH a recently-broken leg!


Jeannie said...

Hi Christine
Thanks for leaving on comment on growth post.
I absolutely adore Rufus. We had two recused greyhounds. WE are big animal lovers at our house.
If you have a minute, check out my post on doggie couture. It's listed under Off Topic.

Christine Hansen said...

Hi Jeannie - thanks for the Rufus-love! Aren't greyhounds simply the best?!? I will definitely go check out your doggie couture post!