Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rufus Update, 4.29.10

It's been crazy-busy around here lately (with 2 kids and 3 dogs, I wonder why?!?), so here is a quick update on how Mr. Rufus is doing:

Rufus is still chilling in The Mosh Pit, wondering when the heck he's going to get to go on a real walk again. (Mama's wondering the same exact thing!)

Rufie is still in a full leg cast, and I've been taking him in once a week for bandage changes. He does have a couple of bandage sores happening, which we expected with the full leg cast. We are all (Hansens and vets) keeping a very close eye on him, and praying that no infection will develop at the surgery site. The folks at Mountain View Vet Hospital in Lacey, WA have been absolutely wonderful, especially about doing frequent bandage checks when Mama gets paranoid about Rufie's condition.

Rufus has been taking antibiotics constantly since his surgery, the first go-round was Clavamox for 4 weeks, and now he's on a new one (can't recall the name off the top of my head) for another 4 weeks. The Clavamox was to prevent infection with the metal in his bone, and this second antibiotic is to prevent the bandage sores from becoming infected. Despite the heavy antibiotic use, his gut appears to be doing remarkably well. We have him on Skoki food and Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility, as well as canned pumpkin.

I'm taking the big guy back to the vet this coming Tuesday for a bandage change, and I think they're planning to cut his cast down, to below his knee, which will give him a little more mobility.

Overall, he's doing pretty well, considering he's a great big puppy with a badly broken leg!

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Sue said...

It's greyt to know that Rufus is doing so well. Please give Sam Sam I Am a hug from me too. Sue Curtis