Friday, October 24, 2008

Aunt Sharon's Care Package

My dear sweet Aunt Sharon is fighting breast cancer...and she's already fought ovarian cancer, darnit! I recently sent her a care package, to boost her fighting spirit and make her smile. The care package included some of Jerry's and my luscious hand-crafted soaps (Lavender Rosemary and Spicy Carnation), my incredible Lush Life Body Butter, and two very special pieces of jewelry, a brooch and a charm bracelet.
Aunt Sharon had a partial mastectomy, and I figure any lady who is "wounded in the line of duty" like that deserves a purple heart, so I made one of my bead-embroidered brooches for her, complete with purple heart.
Bead embroidery is a very meditational form of art for me; I like to focus on who I'm creating the piece for. I invest lots of love and good energy and prayers into each stitch, and the result is a tangible expression of love.
The base of the brooch is felted wool, stabilized with my favorite not-necessarily-for-art-but-really-useful-anyway-product, Future Floor Acrylic. I added the baby blue beads around the edge, because about 20 years ago, Aunt Sharon told me she wanted to buy and ride a baby blue Harley Davidson. She's more into horses now, but I wanted to honor her adventurous streak.
I also wanted to share some of the awesome amazing ArtCharms from Amber's Think Pink Charm Swap - I figure Aunt Sharon needs all of the love and healing energy she can get right now, no matter who it's from.
I wound up giving her five of the ten charms I received, and I think she's going to LOVE the bracelet. I filled the rest of the bracelet in with charms made with pink freshwater pearls and my lampwork beads, and a charm I made featuring a Celtic triangle knot, which symbolizes Aunt Sharon's faith in the Divine, and a very sparkly Swarovski crystal, which symbolizes the light of love.
Here are the details regarding the charms from the Think Pink swap:
· The circular pink charm with the hot pink glitter, fabric appliqu├ęs and crystals in the center was made by Erica Faith, who is just 14!
· The bi-cone wrapped bead with the two dangles was made by Elizabeth Woodford.
· The fabric square with the flower, crystal, and “love” charm was created by Lana Lovingood Richey.
· The pale pink rose with pearl dangles was created by Susan Zacher.
· Cindy Ericsson made the tear-shaped charm, with the pink glass and silver wire wrapping.
I also threaded a gorgeous variegated ribbon through the links as a final touch; the colors in the ribbon complement all of the charms really well, and serve to unify the whole piece.
Aunt Sharon, you have my enduring love, best wishes, and prayers for your rapid and complete recovery!


Cindy Ericsson said...

I'm honored that you included the charm I made. Best wishes to your aunt!

inventivesoul said...

I was admiring your glasswork an hour prior to me viewing your blog.
Your glass beads are SO AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL.
Chris, I am adding one more to another piece of jewelry that will be auctioned off on Ebayn in a couple of weeks.

Your aunt is blessed to have you!
She sounds like a cool lady!

The brooch is pretty!
I love stitching beads to fabric.
It is labor intensive, but I LOVE the results!
On a side note, I do not blame you for not wanting to eat Okra... hehehe
However, if you've never had it, and you enjoy curry? You just might like a well made Okra curry.
It is not slimy in the least!