Monday, December 18, 2006

This Completely Rocks

If you haven't heard of FlyLady yet, you're in for a treat. FlyLady and her crew help folks help people develop routines to handle the mundane chores of life, so we can focus on what we *really* want to do. What's more, this is free. Sure, you can order great stuff from the Fly Tool Shop, but it's not necessary. (We especially like the feather dusters and the timers.) The proceeds from those sales support the website so it stays free.

As a creative and attention-challenged person, I have found FlyLady to be a *wonderful* help in making sure my kitchen sink is shiny, food's in the fridge, clean clothes are in the drawers, and the bathrooms are not scary gas-station places. Nothing beats staggering into the kitchen first thing in the morning and finding a clean counter and a shiny sink!

Here's a link to FlyLady's website so you can check her out for yourself:

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