Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy International Charm Day 2012!!!

Giveaway prize no. 1 - domino charm by C. Hansen
I love Art Charms...partly because there is such a wonderful potential in each one, like a tiny present, from the Art Charm artist to the ultimate recipient/owner. Art Charms are a fun and unique way to make, trade, and enjoy original works of art. While methods and materials for creating Art Charms are unlimited, one rule defines an Art Charm: Art Charms are made by hand, one at a time. True Art Charms are never mass-produced in a factory (but an artist might use mass-production techniques). This is something that can only be created by an artist’s hands, therefore it is precious and unique. Art Charms are a completely inclusive art form – anyone can make an Art Charm!
Giveaway prize no. 2 - spring flowers charm by C. Hansen
Top Ten Reasons Why Chris Loves Art Charms (in no particular order):
1. Making Art Charms helps me to practice and refine my skills.
2. Art Charms are individually handcrafted, never made by a factory.
3. When I collect Art Charms, I’m collecting original mixed media art and supporting other artists.
4. The small size and format of Art Charms makes them easy to display and collect.
5. Art Charms have a variety of end-uses above and beyond the basic charm bracelet.
6. Art Charms hold great potential for fundraisers or benefits – just have everyone participating in the swap make and send in an extra charm for a bracelet or necklace.
7. Swapping Art Charms builds connections between people, creates community, and invites the interest of non-swappers.
8. I LOVE the design challenge of creating an original Art Charm while honoring the swap theme.
9. I love getting my swaps back and seeing how the other artists interpreted the swap theme!
10. Making Art Charms is an easy, affordable, and portable hobby. Many materials for Art Charms can be gleaned from discarded items, available as near as the local thrift shop or garage sale...or even in the junk drawer!
Giveaway prize no. 3 - ruler charm by C. Hansen
In celebration of International Charm Day 2012, I have five of my own mixed media art charms to share with my readers. They’re the eye candy for this post. Just leave a comment on this post before midnight Saturday May 5, 2012, with your email addy or some reliable manner in which to contact you, and Sunday morning I will use a random number generator to select the five winners. I’ll post the winners here, and will contact you to get your mailing address.

Outside the US? Leave a comment anyway - I'm happy to ship internationally.

***If you do not leave your email addy or some reliable contact method, I won't be able to get your prize to you - so please, please PLEASE leave some sort of contact information!***

Giveaway prize no. 4 - steampunk charm by C. Hansen
Want more chances to win awesome stuff? Head on over to my friend Amber Dawn’s International Charm Day blog – she’s got more giveaways and interviews on her blog, as well as some tasty eye candy and links to other blogs celebrating International Charm Day.
Giveaway prize no. 5 - washi paper on Scrabble tile charm by C. Hansen
Can't get enough of Art Charms? Please consider joining our Art Charms Yahoo group - we're doing swaps, challenges, contests, and weekly online chats.

Here's hoping your International Charm Day is filled with art and charms,