Friday, September 26, 2008

Love & Logic

As any parent knows, raising responsible kids can be a huge challenge at times. On occasion, my two adorable Little People leave me speechless (read: apoplectic with frustration and dismay). Sure, the kids think it's a hoot seeing me like this, but I don't want to pop a blood vessel: I need a way to cope.

Enter Jim Fay and Foster Cline, who have worked together to bring us Love & Logic, or in other words, a strategy for parents to help kids learn responsibility, and still have fun with their children. They describe Love & Logic in a nutshell (which I swiped from their website, but I think they won't mind...too much...I hope...):

"Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children which allows adults to be happier, empowered, and more skilled in the interactions with children. Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices. Love and Logic is a way of working with children that puts parents and teachers back in control, teaches children to be responsible, and prepares young people to live in the real world, with its many choices and consequences."

I've been listening to "Didn't I Tell You To Take Out The Trash"

while I'm working on the torch. I have to say, the more Jerry & I use Love & Logic techniques, the better they work, and the kids are responding really well. We've instituted a policy that children are welcome to eat dinner as soon as their chores are finished...I tell ya, nothing motivates a kid like a hungry tummy and the smell of dinner!

Love & Logic is worth every penny - we especially like the CDs so we can do other things while we listen. We've found it most helpful to listen repeatedly, and really get the strategies we don't have to stop and think every time our kids leave us apoplectic!

Wishing you a day of fun and laughter,

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